Manually operated appliance control valves (appliance connector valves) are intended to be used between the gas supply piping and the appliance connector attached to the appliance. The valves have a non-displaceable rotor (rotating valve member), an internal pipe thread inlet and a male pipe thread union outlet. Maximum operating pressure is 0.5 psig. Operating temperatures range from -22°F(-30°C) to 149°F(65°C). These models are design-certified by Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to ANSI Z21.15/CSA 9.1 and ASME B16.44 for use in the U.S. and Canada.

*For more information on connection see our Tail Piece Union Connections

3001-01 and 3001-02

gas appliance control valves


gas appliance connection valve

*Capacity in BTU/hr

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