Manufactured To Your Exact Specifications

Key Gas Components has developed many special processes to fabricate custom manifolds to exacting tolerances in a cost-effective manner.

A special forming process is used to part and seal tubing or pipe in one operation. A special thermal drilling process extrudes holes through the tubing wall, extending the amount of material available for tapping. This allows us to achieve a higher quality pipe thread port that exceeds CSA requirements.

Robotic and other automated welding operations ensure consistently high-quality joining operations. As a final safety check, all gas manifold assemblies are 100% inspected for leakage prior to shipment.

Process Capabilities

Threading – Diameters From 1/8‚ÄĚ to 4‚ÄĚ
End Forming
CNC Bending – Bend Radii Down to 1.25 X Diameter
CNC Machining – Table Size Up To 20‚ÄĚX50‚ÄĚ
Chip-Less Threaded Holes
Robotic MIG Welding
Manual MIG and TIG Welding
Leak Testing

Finishes – Black Paint, Powder Coat, E-Coat, Aluminized Tubing, Rust Preventative
Design and Build Our Own Tooling and Specialty Equipment

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Aluminum –¬†Aluminized Steel –¬†Brass –¬†Bronze –¬†Copper –¬†Nickel –¬†Nickel Alloy –¬†Stainless Steel –¬†Steel –¬†Titanium

Fabrication Method

Star CNC Bender –¬†Computer-Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machines –¬†Thermally Extruded holes –¬†Manual and Robotic welding –¬†Radial Draw and Compression Bending –¬†Threading –¬†Turning –¬†Milling –¬†Swaging –¬†Drilling –¬†End Forming –¬†Painting –¬†Powder Coating –¬†Zinc Plating –¬†Mandrel Bending

Fabrication Product

Boiler Parts –¬†Condensers –¬†Exercise Equipment –¬†Heat Exchangers –¬†Hypodermic Tubing

Body Cross-Section

Oval –¬†Round –¬†Square

Fabrication Features

Burrless Chamfer –¬†Chip-less drilling –¬†Tapping –¬†Threading –¬†Flanging –¬†High Pressure –¬†Sanitary for potable water –¬†Serpentine

Environmental Properties

Corrosion Resistance –¬†Moisture Resistance –¬†Rust Resistance

Additional Services Provided

Brazing –¬†Crimping –¬†Cutting –¬†Deburring –¬†Drilling –¬†End Trimming –¬†Leak Checking –¬†Machining –¬†Repair –¬†Welding

Outer Diameter

Min¬† .675 in –¬†Max¬† 3 in

Wall Thickness

Min .030 in –¬†Max .180 in

Tube Length

Min¬† 6 in –¬†Max¬† 60 in

Bend Radius

Min¬† 1.25 in –¬†Max¬† 12.5 in

Tolerance (+/-)

+/- 5 degrees

Equipment List (Optional)

Star CNC Bending Machine

Production Volume

Prototype –¬†Low Volume –¬†High Volume –¬†Blanket Orders

Lead Times

Min: 2 weeks –¬†Max: 8 weeks –¬†Quoted on job by job basis –¬†Emergency services available –¬†Rush Services Available


Lights Out Manufacturing –¬†Lean Manufacturing –¬†Kaizen/5S

Industry Focus

Aerospace – Agricultural & Farming – Appliance Commercial – Appliance Residential – Architecture – Auto/Truck/Transportation – Automation – Automotive – Biomedical – Biopharmaceutical – Biotechnology – Building & Construction – Chemical – Commercial – Communications – Computer and Electronics – Construction – Dental – Department of Energy (DOE) – Department of Defense (DOD) – Electrical – Electronics – Food & Beverage – Government – Heavy Equipment – Highway (DOT) – HVAC – Hydraulics – Ice Making – Industrial – Injection Molding – Laboratory – Laundry – Natural Gas – Liquid Propane – Machine Tools – Machinery – Manufacturing – Marine – Material Handling & Processing -Medical – Medical Devices – Military – Molding – Oil & Gas – Packaging – Packaging & Converting – Paper & Pulp – Paper Mill – Petrochemical – Pharmaceutical – Plumbing – Pneumatics – Power Generation – Printing – Pulp & Paper – Pumps – Railroad – Restaurant – Robotics – Semiconductor – Specialty Machinery – Textile – Tool & Die – Transportation – Turf & Garden – Vacuum Electronics – Waste Management – Wastewater – Water & Wastewater Treatment

Industry Standards

ANSI, American National Standards Institute – ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials – AWS, American Welding Society – CSA, Canadian Standards Association – ISO 9001 Compliant, International Organization for Standardization – QS, quality standard developed by the Automotive Industries. – RoHS, Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant) – SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers

File Formats

AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ) – BMP, Bit Mapped Graphics – DXF, Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format – GIF, Graphics Interchange Format – JPG or JPEG – PDF, Portable Document Format – SolidWorks (SLDPRT, SLDDRW, SLDDRT) – TIFF, Tagged Image File Format

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