Orifice Spuds

Orifice drill size replaces part number suffix -xx; e.g. part number 24-077-30 specifies a #30 (0.1285) orifice drill

Three digit suffixes specify orifice diameter in inches, e.g. 24-077-375 has .375 diameter orifice.

Insert “S” as sixth digit in part number to order orifices with stamped identification, e.g. 24-077S-375

Distance H (across hex corners)

orifice spud part number

gas orifice spud

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Orifice Spuds with Tapered OD Profile

Special Profile Orifice Spuds


Orifice Nozzles

Orifice Nozzles

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Orifice Nozzles with Undercut

Orifice Nozzles


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