Looking for a high quality aluminum shutoff valve? Look no further. Our manually operated gas valves are intended to be used as the main shutoff to a gas appliance. 1/4-turn operation lets the user easily shutoff the gas to the appliance.

Aluminum Shutoff Valve
Aluminum Shutoff Valve

Model 300, 400, 500, 600 Main Gas Shutoff Valves
Series 208, 216, 223, and 224

Application Data
The Key Gas Main Gas Shutoff Valves (Series 300, 400, 500, 600) are designed for furnaces, boilers, water heaters and other general heating and appliance applications. All aluminum shut-off valves from Key Gas have low resistance to flow and therefore have greater capacity with lower pressure drop. CSA Certified for Natural Gas, LP Gas-Air Mixtures, Manufactured Gas, LP and Mixed Gases.

Engineering Data
Key Gas’s Aluminum Main Gas Shutoff Valves are die-cast and machined from the finest aluminum alloy to exacting standards of precision. Quality-controlled throughout production, they will withstand severe impact loads due to their superior strength, rigidity and time-proven design. And there is no maintenance on these leak-tested Key Gas shutoff valves – all of them are permanently lubricated at the factory.

Operating Pressure: 0.5 PSIG Maximum

Outline Dimensions
Key Gas Aluminum Gas Shutoff Valves

*”T” Handle Only
**Handle rotations are available in four variations as shown. A-B-C-D. Pilot tapping is available L (Left), R (Right) or both.

Aluminum Gas Shutoff Valves drawing

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