Pilot Shutoff Valves

Model P2 Pilot Valves-Series 230

Manually operated gas valves used to control gas flow to a pilot light or small burner.
1/4-turn operation lets the user easily control or shutoff gas.

pilot shutoff valves

Application Data
Model P2 Pilot valves are manufactured from the finest aluminum alloy. They receive the same careful inspections and quality control given to all Key Gas Products.

Engineering Data
The various inlet and outlet connections are listed in the table below. Other fittings such as flared tubing connections can be installed upon request. The Pilot Valves are CSA Certified and feature a 3/16″ gasway.

Throttle Adjustment
All P2 Pilot Valves are available with a slotted throttle adjustment for fine setting of the pilot flame. This setting is maintained independently of normal off-on operation. Order P-2LT, P-2RT, or P-2ST for throttle adjustment.

Operating Pressure: 0.5 PSIG Maximum

pilot valves

pilot valves

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