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Last-minute redesign?

Custom manifold?

Specialty tube assembly?

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From special features to a completely custom part, Key Gas Components’ machine shop services has the equipment and expertise to produce your hard-to-source items in an economical and timely fashion, while never skimping on quality.

We’ve carefully chosen the services we offer so that we can provide solutions to the most difficult supply problems facing our customers.

With our extensive Tube Fabrication, CNC Machining and Screw Machining capabilities, we can tackle everything from the largest production runs, to small jobs that get you out of a bind. Machinery is not the only component to our solutions: our people are part of it as well. Our customers constantly benefit from access to the industry experience and problem-solving skills of our engineering and manufacturing team.

Custom Manifolds are our specialty – let us help with your complex, “hard-to-source” parts…

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We have developed many special processes to fabricate custom manifolds to exacting tolerances in a cost-effective manner. Robotic and other automated welding operations ensure consistently high-quality joining operations and all gas manifold assemblies are 100% inspected for leakage prior to shipment. [learn more]


At Key Gas Components, custom tube fabrication is one of our strong suits. With capabilities that include forging, forming, and bending, we supply custom tube products that exhibit an exceptionally high standard of quality. As an accomplished supplier of gas train components, we have the technical ability to manufacture products with complex specifications that require close manufacturing tolerances. [learn more]


We offer exceptional capabilities in the field of precision screw machining. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality gas train components, we have the ability to produce custom screw machined parts that conform to your exact specifications. With an inventory of Davenport screw machines that includes more than a dozen pieces of high-speed, high-accuracy, and multi-spindle equipment, we have the capacity to handle custom production orders quickly and competently. [learn more]


With our expertise in CNC machining, Key Gas Components has attained a leadership position in the manufacture of high-quality gas train components. We operate a well-equipped machining department that incorporates state-of-the-art turning and milling centers and is staffed by production specialists that work as a team to ensure the quality and integrity of your machined components. [learn more]

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